Card Trick (with logarithms lurking)

Appropriate Level:  Pre-Calc and beyond

The Card Trick:
Ask for a volunteer, who will then pick a card from a standard 52 card deck, show it to the class, and return it to the deck in the location of his/her choice.  Shuffle the deck several times and offer the volunteer the opportunity to shuffle if he/she desires.  Then randomly choose a card and pronounce with complete confidence, “here is your card.”

Case 1:  You guess right and gain the reputation for being a master magician.

Case 2:  You guess wrong and get to pose a very nice question.  Tell the students: “Someday this is going to work. And it is going to be fantastic!”  Then ask:  “How many times would I need to perform this trick to have at least a 50% chance of being successfully at least once?”

Similar Problems:
1)  How many regular 6-sided dice should you roll to have at least a 99% chance of getting at least one 5?
2)  How many people must you meet to have a greater than 50% chance that at least one of them shares your birthday?


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